Getting Started

gray boxTo post an ad on BoG Classifieds you must create a BoG Classifieds account.

gray boxTo create a new account, select “Register” and fill in the required fields [marked with “*”].

gray boxFor your first logon you are required to use your temporary password. Your temporary password is sent to the email account you specify during registration.

Posting an Ad

gray boxTo post an ad after your account has been created, select “Submit Ad”, select the category you would like to post to, fill out the required fields [marked with “*”] and select “Ok.”

gray boxYour ad will then be sent to the BoG Classifieds Administrator for review and approval.

gray boxAfter your ad has been approved you can view it under “My Ads” when you are logged in to you BoG Classifieds account.

gray boxIf your ad is not approved, make sure it does not violate the BoG Classifieds Terms and Conditions listed here.