Bank of Gravett

Debit/ATM Card Users


Exciting things are happening with your Bank of Gravett debit card!  Please take note of these changes and follow the steps below to prevent any interruption in your debit card usage. 

New CHIP Debit Card/ATM Card

First week in July:  You will receive a new CHIP debit card or ATM card in the mail. Your new card will provide you with added convenience and security to keep your debit card and account safe!  We recommend calling the 1-800 number provided with your new card, as soon as you receive it, and placing it in your wallet with your existing card so that it can be “activated/turned on” July 11th.  DO NOT DESTROY your existing debit/ATM card until July 11th, because your new CHIP card will not be activated until then.

July 11th:  Your new CHIP debit card or ATM card will be "activated/turned on" so you can begin using it on this day  (but not before this date) and your former debit card will be "deactivated/will no longer work" on this day.  Because your old debit card will no longer work, please destroy it on this date. 

IMPORTANT:  If you currently have services automatically billed to your debit card (such as Internet services, insurance, gym fees, etc.), please contact these vendors to provide them with your new card number as soon as you receive it, so that your service will not be interrupted. 

New security and convenience features provided with your new debit card will help keep your card and your account safe:

EMV Chip Protection
Count on enhanced fraud protection every time you use your card at a chip-activated terminal.  Chip-activated terminals are coming to certain U.S. retailers this year--and more in the years to come.  They're easy to use--just follow the instructions provided with your card.
Extra Layer of Fraud Protection
FraudWatch Plus is a system that effectively monitors potential fraud.  FraudWatch utilizes neural network technology to efficiently and accurate identify potentially fraudulent transactions and alert us so we can take appropriate action.  Alerts containing relevant information are delivered to us within minutes of creation, allowing us to take action quickly.  This action may include our fraud analysts calling you to confirm whether certain transactions are fraudulent or not.
Beginning July 11th, ApplePay will work with your new Bank of Gravett debit card!  ApplePay is simple to use and your card details are never shared, in fact, they're not stored on your device at all!  Using ApplePay on your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad is a safe and easy way to pay.
NEW Expanded ATM Network available July 11th to Bank of Gravett customers!!!
Your new Bank of Gravett debit card gives you access to thousands of TransFund ATMs nationwide, completely free of surcharges--where you live, work and travel.  Download the TransFund ATM Locator App or visit to find convenient TransFund ATM locations nearest you!