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Terms & Conditions

Your use of any portion of Bank of Gravett's Web site is subject to the following terms and conditions:

If you are dissatisfied with this web site or any content on the site, or with Bank of Gravett's terms and conditions, your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using this web site. You acknowledge, by your use of this site, your agreement without modification to all of the terms and conditions and that your use of the site is at your sole risk.

Governing law. You agree that your use of Bank of Gravett's Web sites is governed by the laws of the State of Arkansas and any applicable federal United States laws. For individual products and services offered by Bank of Gravett, the applicable customer agreements and disclosures may specify that the laws of another jurisdiction will govern your use of the account and/or service, and the terms of those disclosures and agreements will continue to apply.

Copyright and trademark information. The trademarks, trade names, and service marks (the "Marks") used on Bank of Gravett's Web site belong to Bank of Gravett or to various other parties. No one is authorized to use any of the Marks in any manner without the prior express written permission of the owner of the Mark. The materials displayed on Bank of Gravett's Web site are protected by U.S. and international copyright law and treaties, and shall not be transmitted, broadcast, copied, adapted, displayed, or performed without the prior express permission of Bank of Gravett.

Limitations. None of the information on Bank of Gravett's Web site may be used, distributed, or reproduced for commercial purposes without our prior express written permission. No third party is authorized to solicit Bank of Gravett's products or services without Bank of Gravett's prior express written permission. There are various restrictions, limitations, and costs associated with Bank of Gravett's products and services, which are disclosed in the applicable customer agreements and continue to apply regardless of any information provided in our Web site.

No warranties. From time to time Bank of Gravett's Web site may include information from third parties, and/or links to other Web sites. Bank of Gravett does not make any warranties, express or implied, regarding any third party information or any links to other Web sites, and Bank of Gravett assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, reliability or suitability of the information provided by third parties or information, software (if any), offers or activity found on other Web sites which may be linked to our Web site.

Limitation of liability. Bank of Gravett disclaims liability for any and all claims, losses, costs, expenses (including attorneys' fees), and damages of whatever kind or nature including without limitation general, special, incidental, consequential, punitive, exemplary or treble damages ("Damages") based on any theory of liability, in connection with any use of Bank of Gravett's Web site and the information contained therein, even if Bank of Gravett has been advised of the possibility of such Damages.

Changes. Bank of Gravett reserves the right to change these terms and conditions, or the content of any portion of our Web site at any time without notice. Your continued access of Bank of Gravett’s Web site will be subject to the terms and conditions in effect at the time you access our Web site.

Links may take you to a web site that is external and located on other servers. Bank of Gravett has no responsibility for any external web site. It neither endorses the information, content, presentation, or accuracy nor makes any warranty, express or implied, regarding any external site. The privacy and security practices of any external site may differ from those practiced by Bank of Gravett. The user should review the privacy policy of any site before providing information.

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BoG Classifieds’ Terms & Conditions

(‘BoG cl’ -including Automobiles, Computers, Real Estate, etc.) provides a place to post listings or to buy and sell items. Just as in a real community, you'll find that you may have different opinions than others users of BoG Classifieds.

BoG Classifieds works best when people follow a few rules. Here are some key things to remember:

gray boxDo not harass, abuse, or threaten other members.
gray boxDo not post content that is obscene or otherwise objectionable.
gray boxDo post ads in the category that is most applicable to your needs. For example, if you're selling a PC monitor, then post your listing in ‘electronics’.
gray boxDo expect a short delay for ad approval before it appears under listings.
gray boxDo not spam or solicit the site. This includes no advertising your retail business or offering of services. These will be denied immediately*.
gray boxDo not post copyrighted content without permission.

* Bank of Gravett customers with a business account are allowed to post their retail offerings and services related to that account. Business accounts include: Free Business Checking, Small Business Checking, Business NOW, Business Account Analysis, and Business Money Market. Bank of Gravett reserves the right to reject any business advertisement in violation of other terms and conditions.

Disclaimer: Bank of Gravett classifieds is a FREE service. The information & listings contained within are neither endorsed nor guaranteed by members or employees of Bank of Gravett (BoG). BoG does not edit the content of Classifieds. Postings that violate the BoG Classifieds’ Terms of Service, which contain additional rules that govern BoG services, may also lead to the deletion, without notice, of your BoG Classifieds account and applicable listings. If you find an ad that violates any of these rules, please let us know via our contact form.

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