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Equifax Data Breach

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Although Bank of Gravett was not involved in any way to the loss of millions of sensitive consumer identification records, we feel a responsibility to our customers to provide information and guidance to those who may have been affected by this breach at Equifax. Following are some facts and suggestions that hopefully will assist you in: 1-Finding out if your records may have been compromised; and 2-Some suggestions that may help you minimize or prevent use of your information by unauthorized persons.

We realize this is going to be a lengthy post, but if it helps just ONE of our valued customers, we feel it is space well used. So, please bear with us!

It’s important to know, that the details of most data breaches change over time, especially during an active investigation, usually for the worse. And it is possible things could get worse for Equifax. Here is what is currently being reported:

Sensitive data belonging to 143 million consumers has been breached. The leaked information may include:

  • Consumer Names
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Birthdates
  • Addresses
  • Driver’s License Numbers (in some cases)

First, you need to find out if your information may have been compromised - Equifax has set up a special website designed for you to check that. Additionally, you can use this link to sign up for Equifax’s free identity protection. Here is the link:        


You can order a free copy of your credit report by visiting this site:


Adding a Fraud Alert to your account is here:


And, to put a ‘freeze’ on your credit, you may do this here:


We strongly urge our customers to keep up to date with developments with this breach. One good source is through the Federal Trade Commission:

This is a very significant breach and will affect MILLIONS of Americans. We all need to be proactive in our responses, and keep our information and credit secure.