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New bank of Gravette logo

After 121 years in business, we've decided to change the spelling of our name to match the name of our town!  Bank President, Brian Glenn, revealed the new "Bank of Gravette" name and logo at the groundbreaking ceremony for our Main Street renovation on Friday, August 9th.

Bank of Gravett was originally named after the town's founder, E.T. Gravett.  In the 1920's the Post Office asked the town to add an "e" to the end of its name to avoid confusion with another town that also began with "G" and ended in "ett."  The town complied, but the bank chose to retain the original spelling--until now. 

According to Bank President, Brian Glenn, "We will remain a hometown bank.  Everything our customers love about this bank will stay intact.  We'll just be able to serve the community better and further Bank of Gravette's legacy.  We're making a significant investment in Gravette with the extensive Main Street remodel, because we believe in Gravette.  Sharing the name of our town--down to the letter--is just a perfect opportunity to let the community know we are all in!"

CEO, Patrick Swope, said, "It's important for us to have a welcoming banking center for our customers in Gravette.  When the doors open next spring, I hope all the citizens of Gravette and the surrounding area stop by to see and experience the renewed and enthusiastic culture."

According to bank officials, it will take several months to transition to the new logo, but they anticipate the change to be completed by the time the newly renovated Main Street facility reopens in the spring of 2020.