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Gravette Nutrition GRAND OPENING

people standing in Gravette Nutrition

Bank of Gravette is pleased to introduce our new customer, Gravette Nutrition, a "Shake and Energy Tea Bar" that opened in Gravette just over a month ago!

While both Marisa Crain, and her husband Robert, have day jobs, Marisa said she has a passion for healthy nutrition/coaching and God gave her a desire to become a part of His bigger picture. Her sister, Candice Mendoza owns Pure Nutrition in Bentonville, and wanted to open one in Gravette. Marisa & Robert discussed the opportunity and helped start Gravette Nutrition.

"People are looking for healthy nutritional alternatives, with meal replacement shake and we can meet that desire with a variety of delicious flavors," according to Marisa. "Our shakes are good for athletes, those trying to gain weight and others trying to lose weight. There is 24 grams of Protein in the 20oz, 21 nutrients and vitamins, and under 250 calories. It's also sugar-free unless you add toppings."

"We also offer a 'shake of the week' featuring a newly introduced flavor that won't be offered again for a while, so customers do not want to miss it!" adds Marisa.

Since nutrition is key, another healthy offering is the aloe shot additive that helps your body better absorb the nutrients. This can be added to the teas or it can be taken as a shot.

Some of Herbalife nutrition products contain caffeine to boost your metabolism. The Herbal tea concentrate is formulated with caffeine, which jump starts your metabolism and provides a boost to help you feel revitalized. Marisa explains, "The thermagenic, jumpstarts your metabolism, helping to burn calories, with antioxidants, low calorie, and are also sugar free." There are options for additional boosts of energy, hydration, and other supplements. When you go in, ask Marisa for more details.

A Grand Opening Celebration will be held Thursday, April 1st , accompanied by a Gravette Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting at 4:30 pm.

Visit Gravette Nutrition at 127 Main St. SE, in Gravette, AR. Business hours are Monday-Friday, 6:30-4:00 pm. Saturdays 7:30-1 pm. The hours will be changing March 20th to Monday-Friday 6:30-5:30 pm. Saturdays 8:00-2:00 pm. Remember to LIKE them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates and specials!