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The much-awaited opening of Gravette’s newest feature….a “splash park”, is getting LOTS of attention from area youth (and parents, too)! It’s something one might expect to find in a much larger city, yet here it is, right in our own back yard! AND IT’S FUN, TOO!

The park features a dragon that spits water out its nose, an alligator, shark, 2 slides, sprinklers galore and several water dumps that you just have to stand below to fully appreciate. There’s a covered seating area between the pool and water features offering some respite from summer’s hot rays in the afternoons.  Three THOUSAND gallons of water continuously circulate through all the faucets, spigots and sprayers to keep everyone cool.   

The City Council proposed, and voters overwhelmingly approved (by about a 2:1 margin) a bond issue about a year and a half ago to fund construction, and after a couple of unavoidable construction delays, all is up and running now.

Other bond projects in the city include resurfacing streets, refurbishing sidewalks, and a walking trail that is expected to get underway very soon.

So, what you need to do next is one of two things….pack up the car and head for the pool in Gravette, OR settle back in the air conditioning and watch the video below. Just click the picture.  Yes, it breaks all the ‘norms’ for social media video time, but as we said in the beginning…IT’S FUN!  A HUGE pat on the back to the city, council members and parks and recreation department for making this all happen.